No Impossible Dreams

Everything you dream is possible.  Truly.  You are in control.  The only restriction is what you think and inaction.  You must believe and you must take action, the rest will appear.  However, sitting on your couch believing, is not really believing.  Putting yourself out there is believing.  Applying for the job.  Writing the book.  Creating the course.  Taking the chance is action.  No one knows you want it if you don’t tell them!!!  Yell it, yell it from the rooftops with your big action steps and see what arrives.

Bet on Yourself

How many times have you thought, or even told someone, that they have so much potential?  You look at a friend or loved one and can see just how amazing they are and what they are capable of achieving, if only they would meet their potential?

Now, have you looked in the mirror and had that conversation?  You should.  YOU are capable of amazing things.  YOU are capable of even more than you know.  YOU don’t see all your potential like others see in you.  YOU need to believe.  YOU need to bet on yourself.

The world is waiting for you to take that leap, make that phone call, start that class, change that relationship.  The world is waiting for YOU.

Are you a riddle?

I was reading a magazine this morning with an article about Heloise Letissier and she said the following:

WOW- that hit me.  How many times as women do we do something and our actions are given a negative connotation, when the identical action by a man would be praised or at least given a positive connotation such as strong, leader, steadfast, determined.

This is something that I am reminded of periodically, but probably not often enough.  In order for us, as women, to effect real change in our lives and the lives of those around us, we need to be powerful.  We need to be, as Heloise says, too bossy, too bitchy, too lustful, too hungry, too angry and especially too loud.  We need to show up fully and ready to hear the negative, knowing that we are NOT that, we are just powerful women.

What are you going to do today to show up girl?

Being tested

Sometimes, you are the test.  As you find people in your life that test your limits, remember that you might be someone else’s test and would like them to treat you with compassion, respect and patience.  Do the same for those that test you.

What are you avoiding?

As we go through life, there are many experiences that happen to us, around us, and to those we love.  Some feel fabulous and others are painful.  Each and every one of them carries a lesson.  However, once the lesson has been learned, it is time to go to the next one.  Life lessons never stop.  Let me say that again.  LIFE LESSONS NEVER STOP.

If you are finding yourself unable to move forward you are avoiding the next life lesson.  Now perhaps the prior one was super painful.  Maybe you are afraid that the next one is going to be painful as well.  But what if it isn’t?  What if you really did learn that lesson you needed for the next step and your next step (or 20) is amazing?  If you are still living in the last lesson you will never find out!

Please, put down the past and learn the next lesson.  Allow amazing things in.

Where are you?

STOP.  Seriously, STOP RIGHT NOW.  Take a moment and breath deeply, let the air out slowly and focus on you.  Just you.  Only you.  The rest of the world can wait for 60 seconds.  Nothing is going to blow up (unless you are a mom of boys) and everyone else can wait for you to have a moment.

So, where are you right now?  Are you with you.  No one cares about you and your future more than you do.  Or is this true?  It absolutely should be true, however, I speak with many women, and men, that don’t have this mindset.  I challenge you to take time each day for you.  Reflect on where you are.  That where you are is representative of WHO you are.  You beliefs, your love, your passions, your goals, your dreams, your truth.  Grant yourself 5 minutes a day to sit, breath and just be with you.  You are meant to be your own best friend.

The impossible

I want you to think about it.  The thing.  The impossible that is your dream.  Think.  Is it really impossible?  Or is it just difficult and requiring a lot of work?  NOTHING is truly impossible.  I can find you so many examples of people who do the impossible every single day.

Today, is YOUR day to do the impossible.