Measuring with Time


Time.  What is it?  It is only a measurement we use and nothing more.   There is no ‘not enough time’ because that really is just saying we didn’t get to do all we wanted to do.  We could as easily say something was only partially complete.  

Depending on who you talk to, read or study, time is not something that actually exists.

Regardless of your thoughts on that, it is certainly a measurement most humans utilize.  As a measurement, it is like any other and relative to what is being measured.  When we say that someone who died was young, that is relative to our expectations.  Five hundred years ago they would possibly have been a wisen elder of the tribe.

Regardless of your view on time, your mindset can make all the difference.  Think of the words you hear so often about using time wisely.  Approach each moment as having value.  None more so than another, but each with a purpose and gifted to you.  Sometimes that purpose is fun, sometimes work, sometimes relaxation, but all have a purpose.  Enjoy and value that purpose and that moment.