Alexandra learned from the very beginning that her role in life, as a woman, was to serve others.  This was to be done at all costs and to ensure everyone else was happy.  Everyone but her.  Alexandra’s personal happiness and needs were to come last.  The most honorable and noble thing is to suffer.  She succeeded in this and even excelled.  Time began to pass and she found herself questioning these teachings.  She was doing for others, and felt empty, sad and just plain miserable.  Giving at all costs did not feed her soul or make her happy.  It just drained her.  It was time to learn differently.  To question everything and to break out of the chains that were handed her she so willingly wore.

Religion is a tool of man.  It is a way to control and keep subservient those that might question or even conflict with the wishes of those in power.  History shows the evil that has been wrought in the name of religion and the consistent oppression of people, especially women.  Alexandra is on a personal mission to separate spiritual practices and belief from the constructs of man made creation called religion.